We help B2B & B2C startup founders & teams to focus on what really matters.

Zero Gravity is a unique, founder focused startup acceleration program designed by real people, for real people. Our goal is to provide founders with a frictionless environment that helps them develop their ventures into successful and meaningful businesses.

We support B2B and B2C startups and help them grow by investing in their future.

We came up with a formula that consists of 3 specific events and remote on-demand support for 3 months.

Make meaning to make money!

Zero Gravity is the Acceleration Program of

Nova School of Business and Economics

How do we do it?

Over the course of 3 months, we offer entrepreneurs mentoring sessions, workshops, office space, co-creation opportunities, and customized help; culminating in a Demo Day where founders will be able to pitch their idea and network with several investors and business partners.

Why us?

More than going after great ideas, we seek for great individuals and teams. If you are one of them, we promise you that your success will become our purpose.

Corporate Leverage

NOVA SBE's wide network of Alumni and Corporate Partners will allow you to validate your business, get professional mentorship, and increase your customers prospects.

Academic Living Lab

Build your startup in a living lab, where talented students and academic staff will help and support your development.

Network & Community

Be part of Zero Gravity's long-life community of Alumni, entrepreneurs, corporations, and mentors.

Lifestyle Cascais

Relax after work in an area full of sunshine, good wine, friendly people, and amazing waves.

LX’s Startup Ecosystem

Have access to Lisbon's flourishing and dynamic startup ecosystem.


Your startup is a B2B international business or a mind-blowing B2C that wants to launch in Portugal.


Your team has at least 2 members.


You have more than just an idea.


You have a working prototype that we will help you take to a whole new level.


Your previous funding (up to the date of your application) is less than € 200K.

Office Space

Free co-working space at NOVA SBE campus throughout the duration of the program.


One industry expert who will help you from the beginning to the end on several business topics, sector specifics, and fundraising.


Collaboration from top students and academic staff on the development of your business.

Customer Network

Access to a trusted network of corporations which can become potential clients.


A safe and controlled environment where you can build, test and pilot your idea.


Workshops, talks, and weekly discussions on relevant topics, designed to support the different stages of your startup.
Afonso, BetmarketsFounders

“Zero Gravity was the first catalyst for us. It allowed us to get into the Lisbon ecosystem, connect with different stakeholders when needed, as we were always supported by a young but driven team, while we kept our casual and sunny lifestyle.”

Sebastian, CargofiveFounders

Participating in the program and getting the support from Zero Gravity was fundamental for our growth as a startup and as a team. They helped us develop Cargofive and enter the European market. Their team is fully committed to helping entrepreneurs and growing the ecosystem in Lisbon!”

Juan Francisco, CargofiveFounders

"Being on Zero Gravity was an experience that helped us build Cargofive, while learning a lot from the community built around us. Also, Lisbon is a great place to work in and for our case it was perfect for entering into the European market."

Udai, TukiFounders

"Being in Zero Gravity and building Tuki in Lisbon was a life changing experience both for me and my startup Tuki. I substantially evolved as an entrepreneur and as a leader during the five months at Nova. Now I am more focussed and more confident. The core team works very hard and thanks to them we met a plethora of inspiring people every week. Zero Gravity being at the heart of entrepreneurship at Nova SBE meant Tuki was able to leverage substantially from the universities ecosystem. In addition to the professors and alumni that we connected with, Tuki, gained four pivotal members to our family, all of whom we would have never met if it wasn't for our participation in the program".

Viktor, CreditorFounders

“Zero Gravity was quite an intensive program with a lot of mentors from different sectors. The best thing that I liked the most is the strong association with NOVA and having the school as main supporter. I think that gave a lot of value to program and to us, the founders, in general. We had a lot of intensive and useful meetings with professors and we had NOVA students as our interns which helped us cover tasks during the program.
Also, the program managers helped us a lot and they were very responsive.”

Are you ready to make meaning to make money?

Because we want you. We want you if you are ready to challenge your ideas. We want you if you are real, open-minded and hard working entrepreneur. We want you if you are willing to go the extra mile and challenge the status quo. So, what are you waiting for?

Join us!

Apply until the 9th of December 2018!