Got a question?
No problem.

Does the program have a preferred industry/sector?

No. We will fund startups from several industries because good ideas come in all shapes and forms. As long as you are B2B international business or a mind-blowing B2C, we will consider you.

We are not from Portugal. Can we still apply?

Of course! One of the things we are most proud of is our international approach. So, apply and join us in Portugal!

Do I have to be in Portugal for the whole duration of the program?

Yes! We believe that if you are here and we work together for 3 months, we can make your dream come true.

Can I be a full-time student/employee and participate in Zero Gravity?

You can be a full time student/worker at the moment of the application. However, as soon as the acceleration program starts, we will require you to move to Portugal and to dedicate yourself to it full-time.

Can a single person apply for the program?

Although you can apply by yourself, we strongly recommend that you have at least one co-founder. Single-person startups are tough, and we believe that you can be a lot more successful if you have a great team.

How is the selection process working?

After you apply, we will analyze thoroughly your application and decide if you are fit for Zero Gravity. The next step would be to join our Bootcamp in January 2019 and to get to know each other very well, before deciding if we can work together for 3 months.

When is the program starting?

The program will start at the beginning of March 2019. Exact dates will be announced soon.

Can I apply with more ideas?

We are looking for pre-seed level startups, which means you should already have a concept and a working prototype and not just an idea. You can apply with one startup, so make it worth it!